Reviews for "Cavern"

Fun.....only down fall I think are the clues

Fun, I think....., nice graphics tho

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

@SirNightOwl, I reallllllllllyyyyyy think you should start handling the review responses for future games!

I don't know why this got down voted so hard. The start is a little slow and unnecessary but the actual puzzles are all fantastic once you get into the actual tomb. Should have at least 4 stars as an average.

Not fun.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Erm, excuse me, but 0 out 5, really?

Imagine if I voted 0 on your "Triple Throw" or "Square Jump" submissions, and have the will to play most of the game (you got up to puzzle 6 in our game) ...

... and then totally ignored all the work on the game, working up enough effort to write TWO words in the review and give the game a score reserved for the WORST POSSIBLE THINGS IN THE PORTAL?

If I did that, I'd be a total shit head, wouldn't I?

Nice graphics, but delving through the cavern at the beginning seemed completely pointless and almost got me to abandon the game - there are cave drawings and various objects but most of the time, wherever I click I just go onward. The puzzles were nice, slightly easy for me, but I disliked the dials - they rotate in only one direction, apparently always the one where it would take maaaaany clicks to finish, and there's more than one of them, solving a puzzle after having understood the principle is just lame... Not to mention that for some reason, I often clicked and got no response (might be just my computer, although it's usually OK).
From other reviews I figure that you've done it for a competition, maybe with a time limit, in which case I'm sorry if I was too harsh. I think the cavern and the first dial made for a bad beginning for me.