Reviews for "Cavern"

really great game put a lot of time and effort into it but like the rest i got stuck with #7. do the tiles on #7 light up green when you get them right? plz respond to my question

This is a well done puzzle game. The graphics are smooth and neat. I did not finish it though. I will pause at puzzle #7, and go back some time later, to continue puzzle #7. I don't believe #7 is really that hard, we all just need to look and find the proper perspective. I think my common sense needs resupplied so a rest should help. But still its a fun game with a good challenge. It was totally worth the time. Thanks :)

pretty fun, altough i cant get past level 7

Im totally stuck on the tiles but it's a really fun game :3

it's a great game, has really good puzzles but is a little short. And yeah, the begining is kinda long pointless