Reviews for "Cavern"

great game very challenging, excellent atomsphere vaguely reminds me of a creepy pasta i once read

Good but cryptic.
Gave up on Puzzle 8... the 4x4 grid of 4x4 tiles: I assume you have to arrange 'em so tile edges match - I did that but it didn't think it was the solution, which is a bit of a pain (does the game only accept one solution when there may be more than one which fits the rules?)

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Yeah there was two solutions for that, even though we originally thought there would only be one. We've updated the game (if you can see the mute button in the corner when you get to the cave, you're good) so that shouldn't be a problem.

But thanks for bringing it up.

EDIT: actually there's two solutions from the update :( boo. HOPEFULLY this is fixed fully, now.

I know you said you updated 7, but I have nooooo idea what to do.....

Pretty good game, and great puzzles, even though I got stuck later on in the game it was still a lot of fun

I personally love this game, the animation and ambiance are amazing and coupled with the music creates an atmosphere of isolation and somewhat dark mystery. The puzzles are uniquely challenging and quite fun, i sadly cannot for the life of me seem to figure out number seven and I probably will continue to struggle for the next hour or so. (I'm not one to easily give up) I agree with the creator in the fact that walkthroughs are a privilege not a right and those of you who demand it don't really deserve it. I applaud you TurkeyonAStick you've made a wonderful game.