Reviews for "Cavern"

Have fun doing trials and errors on puzzle 7. Not my cup of tea, personally.

Surprise! Stuck on puzzle 7. I've looked through reviews and read tips. Nothing helps.

You mentioned symmetry, and, in fact, 2 axes of symmetry. I don't know if you noticed, but that's not possible. Left/right symmetry is the only plausible method, but it can't allow for either of the solid color squares. You also mentioned tessellation, which I didn't know the meaning of. I looked it up and best as I can tell the puzzle is already a tessellation, solved or not. Not to mention the instructions had me boggled initially. I had no idea what to do until I scrolled down and read. Most everything had been numeric up to this point and so I kept trying to think numerically.

Also, the opening was kinda.... weaksauce. You're just clicking. Not even things. Just the screen. It feels arbitrary and while I got a sense that you were telling a story from time to time, it would have been better as a reward for some kind of effort instead of playing the mouse version of Super Press Spacebar to Win. As it stands the opening is arbitrary with essentially wasted space between the rooms that actually serve a purpose (narrative).

You've got some good ideas here, and the art is very pretty, but the execution is very lackluster. A good puzzle here and there, some that are way too simple, and obviously number 7 which is so far past the amount of brain power you needed for the others it's ridiculous.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to your next attempt. I think you're learning a lot from all the feedback and will better be able to make a fluid series of challenges down the road. Keep up the good work! Like I said, lots of good stuff in here, just needs polish!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Nah you're wrong about level 7, you can't tell me it's impossible for the solution to have 4 axes of symmetry when I know the solution has 4 branches. WE KNOW THE SOLUTION!

Otherwise the remainder of your review is pretty fair, thanks!

level 7 is still really hard! :(

7 and 8 are non-intuitive.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Level 8 is non-intuitive? Pfff HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah sure mate, whatever ...

I gave up on level 7 as well. I saw that you made some changes to it. are you sure you put the locked pieces in the right place? I found what seemed like the only solution that would fit the completely while piece in there, and I couldn't get one of the other tiles to fit no matter what I did.

Game as a whole is kinda interesting, but I won a number of levels without completely understanding why haha. I think the beginning part was a bit odd, too. I could see it turning some people away from the game.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hey, yeah, my original plan with the the start was that the cave would be labyrinthine, and that the player would be both navigating a maze, chalking their passage while uncovering the hints to what lays at the end .... and THEN the game does a 180 and it becomes a puzzle game. That didn't happen, so we typically end up with some naff puzzles at the beginning.

Level 7 ... I think it mostly comes down to us hurriedly resolving problems post-submission, so we redid the puzzle (from spinning to swapping) and locked a few tiles to ensure there was only a single solution.

And yeah, I'm sure some people solved a few puzzles without knowing what's going on! I was hoping to avoid using text or a familiar number system, because I thought it'd be weird for an ancient/alien civilisation to talk in English (plus the game becomes multi-lingual!). But there comes a point when there's only so many tokens you have on the screen without it being a completely confusing mess that somebody has to code.

... this is probably a longer reply than you expected (or I intended), but what the hey. I'm really happy this has pulled lots of views, but also think there's some potential or ideas that's missing.