Reviews for "Super Frisco Frenzy"

this game is a joke right its just like all your other shark games instead this time you use trolley to crash car

Yup. One can tell that you're a more experienced game maker than most of the other contestants :D
I think you might very well win one of the prices :p
Good job, and good luck, Wiesi!

Weisi you genius bastard! :D (it's obvious you would get first..,)
This game is quite addictive, especially the Football Power-up! GO BESSY GOO!!

This is an awesome game! I treid about 6 times to get the high score lol. That "GO REGGIE GO REGGIE" thing was hilarious. I don't know what it's from i'm sure it's football related but that was good shit.

Haha yeah loved how everything was emphasized was fun and funny. Would of liked more features and things to do but pretty good (:

Wiesi responds:

Yeah, I would have added more stuff, but I wanted to meet the Stencyl jam deadline.. However, thanks for the great score!