Reviews for "Super Marshmallow Kingdom"

I love that game! The best part is jumping in the piggy and get bacon, 'cause BACON!!!
And the graphics and the sound, great! :)

What a clever plan of the marshmallows to hide behind the wave showing banner and kill me instantly! I totally agree to thunhun about the cloning ability, what about making the wave banner more transparent with an upgrade insted?

coruptedGames responds:

It took all the marshmallow scientists in the kingdom to come up with that one haha, Okay thanks I will look to change cloning and maybe a bit of gap so the wave banner doesn't cause you to die (:

This game is just lovely. :D
Graphics, animations, sound, music,... it's all great!
So instead of writing an in-depth review on every single thing i like about this game, i'll give you some of the "bugs" i ran into:
- The flying "boss" guy that fires groups of marshmallows got stuck on the border of the screen, which pretty much allowed me to play wave 10 almost infinitely. I eventually just let myself die after i got +12 hearts, since the game was just lagging way too hard lol.
- If you get stuck under a falling marshmallow while respawning, you can hardly move.. so it would be kind of nice to have collision off while respawning i guess. (sliding does help though)
- The magnet sometimes makes the coins get stuck floating above your head, but to be fair, my own entry for the Stencyl Jam used to have the same type of magnet system, and i had the exact same problem, i never figured out how to fix it in the end, so yeah... lol. If you manage to fix it, color me impressed!

And that's it pretty much, it's a shame about the enormous frame rate drops, but the game is still amazing either way. Great job! I'm expecting you to win!

coruptedGames responds:

Oh haha, Sorry about the boss.
The getting stuck under marshmallow is new as I turned off rotation to improve performance ill look into it.
I liked your game (:

That theme for the shop sounds so familiar...
Otherwise, amazing.

coruptedGames responds:

As I mentioned to someone else I bought the song from here: http://audiojungle.net/item/elevator-music/106294

How come a marshmallow may destroy/kill a toast

NIce game! I liked it a lot!