Reviews for "Super Marshmallow Kingdom"

I feel cloning ability isn't doing anything, as more valuable target in the early game, which is easier, and can cause multiple die from single enemy. In fact, I didn't survive any longer because of this ability...
And the reviving pale toast is somehow hard to locate with effects and enemies all over screen.
Also is the Nuke effect...whether can't kill all enemies, or enemies resown much more fast that sometimes I can't really tell if I use the Nuke or not. Maybe can add some rest time when using the Nuke.
By the way, the art is great, and I like the music too.

coruptedGames responds:

Yeah I am considering taking cloning out, causing more problems than it's worth. Any suggestions for replacement?

Will look into adding rest time.

The cool upgrades and the fun game play works for me. Thumbs up for this game.

coruptedGames responds:

Why Can't everyone be like you hehe :P Thanks.

Interesting dodging game, but since the goal is to dodge Lag all over the place is not helping. And after you die, you have to wait 10 seconds while your browser is frozen...

coruptedGames responds:

Hey, Sorry that is the game saving so there an initial lagg but that goes away after the first save. I'll try add in an icon to show that

I really like it! Art is cute, intro scenes were funny - and so are characters. I like the shop and 3-levels of upgrading each ability. Sometimes it's lagging a little when there's more action on the screen.

coruptedGames responds:

Thanks so much glad you enjoyed it