Reviews for "Super Marshmallow Kingdom"

Creative fun! I spotted a few small potential bugs while playing: the 'saving game' message displays behind score number after a finished game, when playing with a clone the combo goes down even if just one clone dies, the magnet seems to draw coins to slightly above your head so you have to wait or jump to catch 'em, the character hit area is larger than the character when they're minimized (can be seen when a clone stands on the head of the other, and there's plenty of space between them) and after the first riches upgrade the coin counter sporadically shows flickering decimal values while collecting.

Overall though this was a fun play, challenging if you want it to be but not so difficult you get annoyed or tired of it. Plenty of upgrades, awesome graphics and a fun idea too. Nice work!


You know I was more motivated to beat this game because of those medals. I knew it would be a game where you got upgrades and stuff. It seemed more like a platformer at first. I like to see all those marshmellows and stuff. Why is spellcheck on my review? The graphics are quite good.

I liked to learn how to get different combos and stuff. While repetitive, I do love how sweet everything is. I mean that in all senses of the word. This seems like an episode of "Adventure Time". And you thought MLP was the only happy kingdom out there.

Bacon Pancakes Motha Fuckas...

I love that game! The best part is jumping in the piggy and get bacon, 'cause BACON!!!
And the graphics and the sound, great! :)

What a clever plan of the marshmallows to hide behind the wave showing banner and kill me instantly! I totally agree to thunhun about the cloning ability, what about making the wave banner more transparent with an upgrade insted?

coruptedGames responds:

It took all the marshmallow scientists in the kingdom to come up with that one haha, Okay thanks I will look to change cloning and maybe a bit of gap so the wave banner doesn't cause you to die (:

I feel cloning ability isn't doing anything, as more valuable target in the early game, which is easier, and can cause multiple die from single enemy. In fact, I didn't survive any longer because of this ability...
And the reviving pale toast is somehow hard to locate with effects and enemies all over screen.
Also is the Nuke effect...whether can't kill all enemies, or enemies resown much more fast that sometimes I can't really tell if I use the Nuke or not. Maybe can add some rest time when using the Nuke.
By the way, the art is great, and I like the music too.

coruptedGames responds:

Yeah I am considering taking cloning out, causing more problems than it's worth. Any suggestions for replacement?

Will look into adding rest time.