Reviews for "Super Marshmallow Kingdom"

this is such a FANTASTIC game!!!

it is original, fun, addictive and challenging.

i just wanted to try it out and without even noticing i have spent almost an hour on it and i got all the medals except for the last one. keep up the good work :D

I love the story and basic gameplay, but the goofy artwork and animation stand out as the best part of the experience. It's definitely challenging in a good way, I do wish however the run acceleration was a tad faster.

I was an okay game but a lot of the hitboxes need to be improved.

Magnet causes coins to hover over your head most of the time forcing you to jump to get them.

Respawning would cause enemies/bombs to get stuck on your head forcing you to jump to get them off.

Did not feel shrinking changed the hitbox size at all.

I found the slow motion every time I was near a marshmellow useless and annoying and hurt more than helped with the jerky animation of slowing down and speeding up. Not to mention noticed a slight drop in fps as well.

Been killed by bombs several seconds after they had exploded and the visual already gone.

Having the wave # update block 1/2 the screen isn't very helpful either. The stuff moving around could at least fall in front not behind.

Being forced to jump into danger to compensate for bad game mechanics is not fun.

A:6 V:8 G:5

Toast Power! XD

A game worth being on the front page.