Reviews for "Super Marshmallow Kingdom"

Although I don't think this is the most original game I've seen, I won't hold it against it. Also, I'm aware you have an older version of the game on you website, so I guess it is pretty original still :)
This is a great improvement from the last installment, good job! And good job on getting a sponsor too :'D

I think that the animations for this game are great! They are very likable. Also, I'm impressed by how well the controls work. Although the movement differs a bit from what you usually see in games, I think they work well, and in the way that you intended.

Your choice of music is also good.

I like the fact that you decided to include a local multiplayer option. For a game like this, it is a very smart idea!

The shop was a nice addition too; it makes you want to play for far longer times.

I'm probably pretty stupid myself. You see, I played for a while and bought some stuff yesterday, but I never realized that there was a save button! Oh well.
Otherwise, an auto save function could be quite good, but really, you showed that face button in my face without me noticing it, so it's my bad!

Anyhow, this is an entertaining game. Good job, and good luck in the contest! (sorry for the late review).

coruptedGames responds:

Thanks for the review, yeah this is actually I remake of the first proper game I made, So wanted to improve on it and do all the code and art.
Sorry about the save situation, it did have automatic saving but you probably noticed Or haven't noticed :P when you save the game is not responsive for a 3-4 seconds which a lot of people did not like when it was automatic so switched it to manual sorry!

I liked your game as well but couldn't get past the first angled bit. Sorry for the review in a review :P

Fun and addicting! The characters are so cute! :3

If I had a smartphone I would have downloaded it, great game, and overall great characters, they brought me here

Great game man loved it! This deserves to win stencyl jam hands down! Loved the simplicity of the goofy art and animation, intro, and the shop. Best of luck!

coruptedGames responds:

Thanks! (:

make a medal called "upgrade all abilities"