Reviews for "Boundaries"

This is really,really good.

Adhenoid responds:

Thanks! :D

Awesome song!

Adhenoid responds:

Thanks! :D

I really like this! I could totally see this in a video game. I would love to use this in my geometry dash level if thats okay with you. But I honestly find it hard to listen to other songs entirely, but I was able to finish this entire song, just for more positivity, because everyone needs it lol. :) nice track and I hope to hear more tracks from you

Adhenoid responds:

Yeay thanks!! I'm really glad you like it!! :D

Yes, feel free to make a GD custom level with this track, I'd love to play it as well because it's my favorite game!! Looking forward to it! XD

--NGAUC Review--

Dude, I LOVE the energy level in this piece! Within seconds I had a stupid grin on my face and was moving with the music. In that sense, this track was a welcome change of pace during the course of my judging for this round.

First, some of the things I like:

-The melody is catchy and rhythmically interesting, and I love all the little runs and turns
-Transitions were tasteful. I like how you started with chiptune style drums, added a four-on-the-floor kick, and then layered more increasingly complex percussion on top of that
-Contrast between sections. I love the rising falling tension around 2:30 and the vengeful comeback at 2:59!
-Loads of automation and shifting colors

-The ending fade out could last another bar or two. For how energy-packed the preceding material is, I feel the track should either end with a bang or have a little more time to wind down. It felt a bit unbalanced to have the fade out occur so quickly.
-This piece seriously needs a B section. You've got a gut-punching aggressive sound that rips my attention to your piece, but you don't have enough contrast to keep the energy and my attention focused. There is a lot of development in the sound design and subtle details such as percussion, but that's icing-on-the-cake stuff. The foundation needs more contrast. There are loads of ways to achieve this, and here are just a few ideas: add a section with a different melody and chord progression, change tempo, change keys, drop out the percussion entirely for several measures, add a solo/improvised section, change registers, pass the melody between different instruments or octaves...There are a million ways you can achieve contrast. The important thing is that you have a section that is really different than what proceeded it, something that makes sense in the context of your piece but forces the listener to pay attention and be like, "Oh man, new material!" The more you can do to make your listener engage with the piece, the better. Write music in such a way that people wonder what's going to come next and cause them to ask questions of the music. Repeat something, lay a pattern, and just before it gets old, throw something entirely new at the listener to catch them off guard and laugh in awe of your genius! Writing interesting music is an act of juggling tension and release, surprise and predictability. It's reeling people in to a great story and keeping their eyes glued to you in expectation until the very last word.

You've got such an enjoyable gem of a track here, and I really want to rate it higher! There's that one critical flaw in the foundation though, that weakness in the form that holds this back from being excellent. Keep writing music, and try to think about your material from the perspective of a new listener. Keep asking yourself what you can do better, what you can learn from each track you make.

I'm looking forward to hearing more of your material down the road!

Score: 6.8/10

Adhenoid responds:

Whoa, thank you very much for your long and detailed review and suggestions! It really helps me getting the bigger picture!! I will keep making music and thanks for looking forward to it!!

Cheers! :D

This is very good! Well done! great mixing, the bass cuts jst enough for this style. Great 8 bit voices too! One thing is if you were MIXING the two genres i wouldv'e liked to hear some more complicated voices layers on top of the 8 bit sounds, that way it really would be considered EDM. I more or less hear this as an 8bit video game song, IN THE STYLE of an upbeat house or trance. THAT or put some non-8bit feeling drums on top of your 8bit sounds and it wouldve felt like a real mix as well. Masterfully done though I love it!

Adhenoid responds:

Thank you very much for the helpful review! :D
To summarize it, there are 2 things: More complicated voice layers, and non-8bit feeling drums. Alright, thanks for the suggestions and I'm glad you like it!! :D