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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

mediocre game in my opinion.
bland graphics, checkpoints make the game temporarily freeze,
functional yet a bit stiff controls, and a story that makes me thing anita sarkeesian was involved.

Overall it is at least functional.
I say it is a good try.
Keep trying and you'll get better at it.


gameplay: sub-mediocre
music: off
coding: No health meter after death? lol.
message: better left on tumblr

the best thing about this game is after you switch characters you get the wall jump/whip mechanic going on. Not enough to save it though.

The game goes ape shit on the boss fight.

This whole game doesn't really amount to a good experience. There are a lot of flaws that need addressing. First, the writing of the story is pretty bland and basic, which takes away from the humorous aspect it was going for (or at least, I *think* it was). Next, when it came to the boss fight versus the knight, I didn't even realize that my character had switched to the princess by that point. There was no cue to let me know that, and the knight didn't do anything I couldn't have done before while controlling him. Speaking of boss fights, all three are far too easy. The knight spends half of his cycle attacking in the wrong direction, the king's projectiles can easily be destroyed with the chain or ducked under, and the queen fires most of her projectiles in directions you couldn't even conceivably reach. Another slight problem is how unresponsive the controls can be at times, though I find that usually only becomes a problem when running and jumping at the same time. This does make exploring the labyrinth a pain at times, but it's easy enough, even with the disappearing health bar after one death. In fact, it's so easy that I stopped picking up the health upgrades after the first one and still managed to beat the game. Now, I do like traversing the map with the chain, but there's not enough variety to keep me wanting to do it. At it's core, the game is too simple. I feel there could be more interesting interactions between the character and the world with the chain, enemies in the labyrinth to break up the monotony of scaling walls over and over, more story to explain why anything in this game happens (Why did the king let her daughter go live by herself in a tower? What experiments are she conducting? Why does she have to travel through the labyrinth to get back to her home? Why does she go home at all?). With a little polish, this would be an entertaining game by flipping the standard 'knight rescues princess' tale. As it stands, it's just too short and bland to keep me interested.

I liked the design; however, it is the only thing I liked about the game. The controls were unresponsive. Many times I tried to jump, but nothing happened.