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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

The gameplay was ok, but *gag!* The moral of the story "why can't a princess be independent" has been done to death, and the characters were dull and unlikeable. The brave knight suddenly turns into a jerk when the plot says so, the parents are unrealistic, and the princess's character was even blander. She was an angry feminist caricature. Why not show a bit of background between the princess and her parents beforehand? And perhaps instead of having them say "how dare you rescue yourself," have them be astounded that a princess is capable of saving herself and play the whole "liberated woman" aspect from that angle? This game is ok, but the story sounds like something from a womyn lib blog. It's cliché and has been done to death from that angle.

Dialogues were funny & it fit the ridiculous music, the whip had some ideas too, so pretty cool !

This was a bizarre game... The music was strange. The art was strange too. Gameplay was cool, but the bosses AI needs some work. I mean I could get behind the king and kill it without taking any damage. Good game.

I do like the overall premise of the game...although, I think the knight part is a little too short.

Also, I am in agreement with others who think the jumping is a bit glitchy. Particularly in the bottom left corner.

The sound is quite basic and you could use some additional varieties.

I still appreciate the effort you put into this, though. It is a good concept that needs to be expanded upon.

I found the gameplay tiresome and I've lost interest. Normally I wouldn't even bother to log in to leave a review for such a thing but the reviewer below me said such a dumbass thing that I had to. Here I thought I was about as anti-feminist as they get, I think those who call themselves feminists are just bigoted man-haters if they're women and brainwashed brainless drooling buffoons if they're men, but WTF! DragonZander.... the goddamn knight busts into her lab while she's performing scientific experiments of some sort (hats off to her for apparently being interested in science despite ostensibly living in the dark ages by the way), living on her own, and demands that she drop what she's doing and immediately fall into his arms and become his property, and then tries to kill her when she refuses to drop what she's doing and comply with his outrageous out of the blue orders. Is YOUR idea of what she's supposed to do in that situation that she should yell out "praise Jesus, I will now do what my gender is supposed to, and I await being swept off my feet, take me mister knight who I've never met before, TAKE ME and bang me hard and keep me barefoot and pregnant until I am old and ugly at which point you can find yourself a younger, prettier princess!" It's not about whether a woman can do anything a man can do, it's about whether she should be his goddamn slave.

So if you like the game, fine, but don't construe it to be some anti-male oppressive propaganda vector, you piece of crap. Well, to be fair, I didn't play it that far because I DIDN'T like the game, I climbed some walls with her chain and navigated around a while and found the necessary actions to proceed to be too persnickety for my taste and quit with never getting to a boss or anything, and for all I know, some dialogue later comes which I too would find objectionable, so maybe I should insert my foot into my mouth, but all the same just from what you said, I can tell you're definitely too far on the opposite extreme. Actually for the record I'm not even sure I'd agree with the things you said to try to save face and look politically correct. They shouldn't be equal in the workforce. Especially for manual labor intensive jobs, or jobs where taking a 9-month leave of absence would cost the company greatly - and in that case they should be allowed to sign a contract in exchange for no wage disparity, agreeing to not reproduce. So even in the things you said to save face, you botched it.