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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

The theme was a bit unoriginal and pedantic with some lackluster writing, but I really enjoyed the core game mechanics. Good concept, good level design, fun to play. The bosses were kind of boring, but this would make a great metroidvania game if it was pushed further.

Some sort of acknowledgement that Locria wields a whip would have been nice. If I hadn't looked at the author comments section, I might not have played the rest of the game.

I feel kind of bad for the knight. It's okay that Locria didn't want to marry him, but someone should have told him she wasn't interested ahead of time. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

A pretty fun game. But very flawed. I know the music is a certain style. But the music is just not great to me. But that's a opinion so I will not deduce points. Game play is rather linear but I still enjoyed it. The animation I did not like. it was ok. But when jumping or using the knight's first it just looks like a Photoshop. But I don't pick to hard about stuff like that so I wont deduce many points. The bosses could use work in A.I and difficulty. But ok. This game has much potential. I feel if you made a sequel and put more effort it could be five stars. And there is room for a sequel like what was she trying to study and why. Overall I am not that impressed with the game. But it packs alot of potential. And I'm all for you making a sequel. Just fix the animation and bosses A.I and progressed the story it would be great. Good job 4 stars!

A fun and easy little game with a twist. Was kind of disappointed it wasn't longer... I wanted to see some ridiculous puzzles that required a 20-point whip.

I liked the main mechanic of the game
would have liked it to be a little longer though
not a complete fan of the music either
other than that, it's nice