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Reviews for "You Deserve a Princess"

I loved everything about this game. The music and its concept had a simplistic almost 16 bit nes charm to it. The graphics were nice to look at and the story had a lovely twist in it.

I look forward to seeing more games by you! Good luck and great job!

This is a brilliant send-up of thublr degenerate crowd and Anatolia Sarkoosian.

1.Cut off your hair (ugliness is beauty).
2.Attack all men (love is hate).
3.Murder your parents (F you, dad!).

Well done, sir; well done!

Also, you did a great job of introducing the mechanics without lecturing about them; EgoRaptor would be proud.

Another strangely intriguing game, well done!
Once again, I'm digging the offbeat nature of your games, and the Sega Genesis type audio you utilize.
That, and the implementation of the Locrian mode, very cool!
Keep up the amazing work man.

Like a few other people were saying, this game feels very rough and unfinished.

The general concept, though, is pretty great, and the gameplay feels good besides a few spots where the jumps are just a little too obnoxious (Primarily, the area that I have trouble describing besides as "The bottom-left corner of the dungeon").

I did bump you up a star so as to not be giving you the same score as Ranger2, though. I couldn't really stand to hold any similarity to someone who whines about games being too feminist on the internet. It's also why I don't wear fedoras.

This game is extremely fun, and I had quite a bit of fun playing it through. I'd be able to give it a full score of 5 stars if it didn't feel like this whole game was just built to give a soapbox to a cause that's done more harm than good to modern society. The idea that women can do anything a man can is an irritating idea. Don't get me wrong, women should be equal politically and in the workforce, but when it bleeds into everyday life? When it makes me stop and think about political correctness before I step in to help a woman carry her groceries or something to that effect? That's when it's gone too far. Feminism truly does need to be taken down a few pegs. We needed feminism when women didn't have political equality, we needed it when wife abuse was to a point protected by law, but we do NOT need it now.