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Reviews for "Ditto"

i enjoy these kinds of games with the two different sides however this one was done very well the story was interesting (little as it was) and the gameplay was fun, levels where rather easy but going for the gems made it more of a challenge, and the enemy on the dark side pissed me off once or twice.

however one real con i had was the fact that door make you enter automatically which make gems beyond them almost impossible.
and that after completing it there is no level select to get the missed gems other then those two issues i really enjoyed it

I love you Nitrome. Just wanted to say the game mechanics in this game are very unique!

good atmosphere

Haven't quite gotten to the end, but what I have played is pretty fuckin' good. Nice clever use of the shadow clone mechanic, fair amount of difficulty, tested my brains and reflexes. Overall a pretty crunk game that deserves a look.

Normal, but very hard to collect all gems