Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

It was very fun, but a little too short.

Once I found my rhythm it was fun. But it was also short.

First of all: nice game, I did enjoy playing it.
- since I'm using a qwertz-keyboard my z is not next to the x which is kind of inconveniant. Customisable keys would fix this...
- there is no mute-button. Nether for the music nor for the sound.

DEDPIXL responds:

There is a mute button in the "esc" menu both for music or sound.

I like the concept but it didnt get 5 stars because of the terrible controls

DEDPIXL responds:

Do you mean keyboard layout wise or mechanic wise?

very good but crappy to play with a QWRTZ keyboard :/

DEDPIXL responds:

Working on key rebinding for the next update, again sorry bout that :(