Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

Come on, I wish to love this game, but ...
but jump on "arrow up" is f*cking insane, it should be an option to change control type.
music is great, controls are smooth )

Hmmmm not bad!

Reminds me of a Mega Man meets sorta Devil May Cry's style of gameplay. Hmm maybe something else but thats all I can think of. It could use a bit more music wise but still considering this is for a game jam I'll let it slide there's a lot of potential with this game and I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this fun title

plz make a sequel to this

DEDPIXL responds:

I may add some ore levels soon!


I love this game! The only problem I see here, like everyone has mentioned, the shortness of the game. Then again, you had little time to make this. I hope this gets a sequel or expansion! :)