Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

really enjoy the game ,mechanics very megaman like and i love that, but to short and once you notice you can duck all you really need to do is slide everywhere and use your sword. but the gameplay was fun and the idea was cool a great base for a game

Finally got around to plaything this; it was an awesome game! The controls were slick once you get used to them, I confused the jump and attack buttons at the start, but after a while it all comes natural, felt easier to just shoot through the levels at first but after a couple of runs the meelee attack is actually a lot swifter, and running is almost on automatic. It's not that long a game either, but the first run was a bit more of an adventure, after that it's a challenge in speedrunning; slaughtering as stealthily as possible. And it's fast-paced stealth too, running up on enemies rather than just waiting and creeping. I like the pixel graphics, the sound; the fast pace and action. Great game!


Pretty good. I really fun to play, but too bad is too short. Aside from that, the only nonsensical thing for me was how the enemies just randomly shoots everywhere

Interesting :D

As fun as this game is, you can run and jump straight through it without having to kill anything but the boss, which is the way I prefer playing it because limited ammo.