Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

i beat it good little game

Go to your Worktable, Brainstorm something Awesumm, go & make a Sequel of Yakuza Rising. NOW

This game has great potential for a longer game, either make a sequel or completely revamp this one. Of course if you don't plan on either of those I suppose it's alright. The mechanics were a bit slippery at first but I got the hang of it soon and was hackin' and slashin' my way through those yakuza. Not really one I would replay, but's that's probably just me, there are tons of other people who love these masochistic games where death is a constant occurrence. Great story by the way! Hoping for a sequel!

the feel when you kill eachother is same as in YOLO.....pure rage

I really love this game! It has a great style and I love the old Japanese film feel. The game feels very much like an NES platformer, with many pitfalls and many deaths along the way. Very addicting and I played the game several times in order to get all the medals. Overall, an excellent game with a good story.