Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

The Flash is really challenging. but Fun.

great game!

The game is pretty short,but who cares!? The game is great. 16-bit video games are usually my favorite because of the awesome gameplay and theme music. (Hope you make some more like this or the sequel of this) The theme music is very catchy. ♫♫♫DUN DUN... DUDUDUNDUN... DUDUDUNDUN... DUDUDUNDUN!♫♫♫ (suggestion for the other game: Instead of an agent fighting yakuzas,how about a cop fighting mafias instead?)

Great concept, art, and game. The only problem I have is the glitch where I got stuck under the arena and could kill them all without getting hurt

I love the game's style, feel, and looks, but the control scheme feels to clumsy. I have my three fingers all cramped next to each other trying to coordinate a running then a quick shot or slice and they end up hitting he wrong keys and I screw up and die. This can be solved by a simple letting the players set up their own keys for how they want to play it. A fun little game otherwise.