Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

no colour like its made in 2009

DEDPIXL responds:

Well I mean, red counts right? :p

good game sound/hamstertastic graphics/great animation/mega good

It was fun and the control was OK.

The last medal was rage inducing and i would suggest adding some way to return to the menu and reset the game as well. Reloading the page every time you die to try the medal is annoying.

DEDPIXL responds:

Reset button is a must and completely slipped my mind! I will patch it in. :)

cool game
more game like that

and smoebody can give me source to download this epic music

It's a very nice game. I like the slice effect, when you cut an opponent and the screen goes narrow for a moment. You should consider implementing a repeat button in the menu, because there a good chance the game will glitch and you don't die properly, so you're out of the screen but there's no reboot. Also, damn it - there's a keyboard layout YX instead of ZX in a good deal of countries in the world! Free key binding is not a weakness, it's a useful option!

DEDPIXL responds:

Oh man, didn't even think of that. I see what I can do about the controls.