Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

It was cool how much I could get into this game. While it was quite repetitive, I still enjoyed the heck out of it! I think it was mostly because it was just fun to shoot your enemies over and over again. I still die fewer times than they do! It's nice how it's so easy to understand. I think the graphics are actually quite good.

I like how they yell "murder" right as they're dying. That does suit their last words. I wish I had some of those. It really is pretty easy once you get down to it. Going on the tops of the buildings give you fewer points. Besides, it's no fun that way.

This game really pisses me off. But I love it.

i loved this game!

great job man, really liked the intro, Great art.

DEDPIXL responds:

Thank you, I figured most people would skip it haha.

i discovered a handy little glitch. on the far left side of the map, you can wait there and the enemies can't attack.