Reviews for "Yakuza Rising"

not bad, but respawn is begining of map is not nice, and ammo count not good

DEDPIXL responds:

The reason it's there is to spice up the combat. Your gun is by far a more powerful weapon, therefore you would only use that if there was no limit on the ammo. Instead of simply blind firing wasting shots, it's best to use a mix of both melee and ranged.

Sorry for not writing a longer review!

However, this game is pretty awesome. I like the art style, and even if I've seen more original gameplay, I must say that this was a very enjoyable game, and it was addicting for a litle while, at least 'til I beat the game normally.

People have probably mentioned these things already, since I haven't read the other comments, but...

- Some of the enemies will kill themself randomly by jumping of roofs.

- When you're precisely on the corner of a building, you'll character will shake a bit, as will the enemies (they somtimes get stuck there too).

- I can't point out where, but at the end of one level I couldn't progress to the next one, until I backed a bit to the left and tried switching to the new scene again, when it worked. This might not be a common issue.

Good luck in the contest!

I liked it a lot. Now it's a time for bug report. Your parachute enemies are bugged. If they're killed in mid-air they just disappear. If they land successfully they run of the platforms. And I suggest to reduce the amount of ammo. I finished the game with over 100 bullets. Good job! Keep it up.

This game is simply awesome and has a great feel to it!
It reminiscent of games on the Sega Master System, and that may possibly be due to the music, which is awesome.
Also, I like how the character has a Megaman look to him, including the way he jumps hehe.
The inclusion of medals is nice as well. :D
Great game, keep up the good work!

DEDPIXL responds:

Sega Genesis was my first console! was a huge Sonic fan back in the day. Loved the feeling of speed. Wanted to capture some of that feel and add in some modern flair.
The MegaMan jump was sort of a homage I guess :)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, watch out: we have a new contender here for great gameplay on a short game that just started to be fun and then ended before we expected!

Ok, now jokes aside, it is time for another review!

This is a game that is just awesome. The mechanics are simple yet challenging (mastering this to get zero deaths is amazing!), but...

Lets not get ahead, shall we?

Graphics: Stencyl has proven us time and again that it is an amazing tool for short games. While I wouldn't take the tool too seriously, it is a great start for amateur video game developers to improve their skills. Graphically speaking, you have done something really great. The way this game looks is just amazing! Maybe not mind blowing, but seriously, it looks gorgeous (specially how you managed to create so many details).

Gameplay: This has to be one of the most entertaining games I have played in my recent memory. I was concerned by the use of shoot, melee and run instead of letting the character run all the time. But after some time getting the idea, it was perfect. Maybe the slide feature wasn't exactly used so much (at least by me), but it is a welcome feature. The things that I like the most are how responsive it feels, how precise it is and the fact that you can play at your own pace: You can run and kill everyone with the gun, stop and plan the attack, jump all the time to avoid enemy projectiles or timing yourself while running to slide and slash enemies with the sword (I didn't use slide that much, but the sword was my favorite weapon). This reminds me of a certain game... I already mentioned.

Story: Well... I skipped. This leads to another comparison to the game previously mentioned.

Music: Repetitive. But I love it! Well made track that loops itself but makes the game a good experience.

Now, Why was I comparing it to MGS V: GZ? Here I go...

MGS V: GZ and YR are really very alike. Both are games that have amazing gameplay (seriously man, you did an amazing job with it), great graphics and feel awesome overall. But there's a problem... Playtime. In both games you have a lovely time mastering the mechanics (by the way, you can also choose the way you can play on MGS V: GZ, like in this game) and when you finally are enjoying them... BOOM! It ends. The final boss is the best example: I was like "Oh boy, a cliché helicopter boss! Anyway, it is just the first level... Wait, what?! It finished already?!". Now, you can play the game again to try new ways to make it to the end (shoot instead of melee, run without shooting, meele-ing everyone, jump for joy -?-, etc). But in the end, it is not necessary to do it. Once you finish the game, you have seen it all. About the story: Well, it is just there to fill the void, nothing interesting (in both games).

So, do I recommend the game? HELL YES! But wait for the price dro- Oh, wait... It's free! Just for that (and the fact that there will be updates and more levels) make this a 4.0 out of 5.0 for me.

Even without the future levels and updates, it is a must play. The score is not higher because it feels short and I cannot take into consideration future updates for this. Anyway... I'll wait for them ;)

DEDPIXL responds:

Wow thanks for taking the time to write all that! It really helps me improve as a designer. I do regret not being able to make it longer but the time crunch was on. At some point had had to call it done. I feel like games are never truly finished, only called done. There is always more that could be iterated upon, or improved. Maybe I will release a non-jam version down the line with more weapons, bosses, areas, and so on.

However, the Yama-ichi war is actually quite interesting if your in to history at all. ;p

Thanks for the review! Cheers.