Reviews for "alien hominid at my house"

yyyyyyy nooooooooo

how could you
you should be burned and hung for shit like that

excuse me while i go cry my eyes out
[sniffle sniffle]


How could u kill alien hominid?!?! shame....


You are officially one of my favorite authors. This is only the 4th thing I've seen of yours but wow. And the classroom, awesome game. I liked how you could only see their heads most of the time, that's what made it sweet. Make more stuff, because you are my most favorite author! That's right, your # 1! You outdid the guy who made gunny bunny and madness. You should feel accomplished.


It was pretty funny!

*cough cough rip off cough cough*

lol jk but seriously yeah nice steal form fulp lol but it was ok not rilly that gr8