Reviews for "alien hominid at my house"

If I were Tom Fulp I would rape your mother.

But that's just me.

This can be BLAMmed... Right?

*sobs* I can't believe crap like this can get such high scores.
I just hope it'll come back...
It had potential, the idea, but the exectution of it all brought it down, mate.
Next time, don't do it when sick. Heal. And renew.
BLAM this, my children!!!


i think its ok

not bad for a sick bored guy

ehhhh.....you were sick and bored, so this movie is good by those standards


HEHE, I liked this movie because it shows how bored you are. Bad ending. Be a bit more original? I mean just because your bored dosn't mean your mind can't express creativity? Umm, keep up the bordom!