Reviews for "Neko-Pakku Crash!"

It's ok, but why not "UP" to jump.... and "DOWN" to crush-down.... ? it would be easier to control, you could play with one hand instead of two

Blood-Fury responds:

I'm a fan of one hand-gaming myself actually, so i'll look into what i can do for you in the next update. :p
I can add "up" for "jump" easily actually, but down is already taken for sliding/ducking.


Still need to compensate for the lack of tracks though...

Hey, you know, it's okay to put checkpoints in your game.

Controls? Instructions?

Blood-Fury responds:

If you start a new game it tells you everything you need to know in the tutorial by running into the question marks! If you loaded a game, just click on "INTRO" or "OPTIONS" to either start the intro and tutorial or see the controls in the options!

another super meat boy clone