Reviews for "Neko-Pakku Crash!"

Like a real kitten, it starts cute and fun, but gets evil and frustrating later on.

I'm stuck on level 15.

I get a weird feel from this game but over all its super cute. Like when you find the other cute thing and there both all cute and AAAAAAH so cute ^_^ BUT o_O I didt like the feel of sliding on the wall. Not sure why just didt. so yah over all a good game.

This is another really weird game that I think works well with how strange it is. I think the best part is probably how much freedom you have. Yes, there is a certain level I can not get past. What I really thought was cool was how well everything just moved. You really had a lot of nice abilities. I just thought the setting was cute too.

Well, not so much with the destruction and stuff, but with the characters. I appreciated the cute little bouncing sounds. It did make it weird when you exploded into blood. Hopefully, that will just encourage you to work harder. I hope this gets more popular.

To be honest, I didn't play for too long, but the only reason is that I have a test tomorrow :p

I think this is a nice little game. Most of the controls work just fine, and I love the animation. As for gameplay, this is pretty much your classic platformer game, but hey, you probably added more to it later! You added the double jump, so I'm guessing you probably added something else as well :)

This definitely deserves more views, and a better score!

Nice game, and good luck in the contest! :3

Blood-Fury responds:

Thanks! Yeah you do end up encountering the cannons and all that. I scrapped a lot of stuff in favor of keeping the game short and sweet, but ill hopefully be able to update it soon with some neat adjustments for replayability! (i also ended up rushing out the ending for the competition to be honest)

I played your game too btw, i held out on reviewing it since i waned to finish it first. But i can't get past the "Some hurdles are more difficult to overcome than others" level at all! xD
Gave it a few 5 ratings already anyway though! Good luck to you too and thanks again for playing!

Tried what you said and still couldnt get 11-19 to unlock. The game as a whole is pretty fun and satisfying to finally finish, nice work.

Blood-Fury responds:

Yeah thanks for checking out the game! :D
The 11-19 medal has been fixed in my current build of the game, but i haven't updated it yet on Newgrounds, since i'm putting together a huge update atm.
(completely redoing the scoring system for a timer based system)
And since things keep breaking, the update is taking a while! :p