Reviews for "Neko-Pakku Crash!"

This is a weird and cute game with difficult as fuck, well played.

266 deaths is all it took to finish. The ending could've been a bit more rewarding after all of that. Also it didn't register any points i got, said i got 0. So i guess that's a bug. And you need to finish the game to see it, which is very very difficult. Nice game overall, but it's simply too hard to be enjoyable.

Not a fan of it one bit. Just another rediculously hard platformer. It wouldn't be so bad if you could survive a hit or two from the spikes or maybe go back to the last platform you stood on but back to the beginning of some of the harder sections becomes a ragefest. For example most areas of jumping like the start of level seven wouldn't require you to jump and wait to jetpack at the exact right moment just to get past the first obstacle. That's bad level design to me. Then at level 9 the spikes below you mean you have to boost jump back under your current platform which there is no indication until you fall to your death since the falling speed is to fast to react in time. Die and learn isn't really fun unless thats the point like the impossible games, which I avoid.

This is impossible. Am I missing some common sense here? I almost cant even get past level 5.

UGH! Avoiding those spike things is so tedious. I hate games like that, like "The World's Hardest Game", where success in a level is contingent on performing some simple task over and over again with high reliability, where you could easily do it once but doing it 20 times in a row is like flipping a coin and it being heads 20 times in a row, and if you miss, you have to do the whole level again. That's just a bad game premise there. Frigging blob creature.