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Reviews for "Testafan"

Good game and variety

Miroko responds:

Thank you!

I cant seem to get to the minigame. I know how to it just wont let me play it.

that mini game makes Flippy bird seem easy

just a heads up the characters name is Bloo not blue.

Miroko responds:

Haha, I made this on purpose so that people comment on my game... I win.
Even though you're the only one that spotted it.

Definitely one of the better quiz games out there. The whole design of the game looks amazing, especially with the unlocking. The medals were also tough, but fair. The secret minigame is tough to find, but just keep you eyes open and look through the game up and down and you'll hopefully find it. The minigame is also tough as nails. Some of the subjects I had no idea about, while most of them I aced the first time around. The music chosen was also epic and worked well with the game. I'm still missing some medals, but hopefully someday I'll find them. Very great game made.

Miroko responds:

You don't know how much you've made my day. Even though it's an old game I still appreciate reviews. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)