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Reviews for "Testafan"

how do you get the secrets :S.. btw love this game.

Miroko responds:

That's why they are secret. :S
I love that you love this game, thank you.

Found the hidden game! :D

Now I'd love to tell you guys how to play it but, I'm a really honorable person so I won't tell anyone unless the author gives me permission. :)

P.S. the hidden mini-game is sooooo HARD! and it's not even forth cheating because it just takes even longer. well done. :)

Miroko responds:

Thank you for playing. :)

oh yeah i know my marvel heroes 10/10

got everything 100% but Game of Thrones never watched it. but i knew what i needed to know ;D

A fun game
How did you pixel all that art like Claude?