Reviews for "Warlords: Epic Conflict"

I love the game but can somebody tell me how to save i?

This is a pretty good game,soo many races to choose from,and indeed a great strategy playthrough,If you like Kingdom games where you send and coordinate your troops,you will enjoy this game.

Lives up to the rest of the entries in this series.

omg god ive been waiting for a amazing rpg here this is the best one since the epicwar series thanks you for this great game its pretty balanced and with a variety of charaters to choose from and with the speciel powers you need to plan your moves and decide who to charge and who to gaurde an sed sneak attacks with the ladders thanks oh the zomibes is the easiest army to op it also my favorite because zombies rule plz make more

enjoyed it also I enjoyed maxing out spearmen with a charge up and yelling STONEWALL JACKSON MOTHER FUCKASSSSS.