Reviews for "Goomy: to the Rainbow!"

Found a little bug on character switch screen, when you browse quickly enough sometimes a character occasionally disappears; even when stopped it doesn't show up- Same thing with levels. I'm also getting the same highscore table for all levels in the game... seems like the table for level 1. And, if you open the table before a level and click 'close' you click 'continue at the same time and automatically start the level, might want to fix that!

While browsing levels or characters, it'd be easy if you could click on the circles to navigate instead of having to go the whole way around if you want to get to one at say the bottom. Not that it's a huge difference, but it could speed up the process a bit. I feel the transitions between the choose character/level menus could be quicker too, especially if you play a lot. I also ran across some strange sound bug on level 6, where the shooting sound disappeared, and then on level 7 the music disappeared as well. And then suddenly there's no more music! Restarting the game brings it back though. I still heard the medal sound btw, so it's not everything.

The design is awesome, so smooth and friendly. Music is catchy and varied and the interface is a piece of cake to use. The speed arrows don't seem to have as large effect as I'd like though, and the characters are somehow designs enclosed in a white circle. Maybe vary the outer color a bit? Or don't have it as a circle? The first character's perfect, and for the second one the outline follows the form, but for all the rest (least the ones I've unlocked so far) the form is enclosed in the white circle regardless of shape.

Twas a lot of fun playing this game but it does get monotone after a while, with the same coin pattern for all levels, the same type of venture in each one, visual differences and increased challenge but still so much similarity. Great game overall though, keep it going!


ShimoneShimone responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
I will look into those bugs as soon as possible, so maybe I will have an update ready for tomorrow. I will also consider some changes to the graphics and to the other things you mentioned!

Cute game! I really liked it, just a few things. I think there should be more added to each level as you go on, because they're all essentially the same level with different themes. Maybe special enemies or something? Also, I don't really know what any of the upgrades do, if there was a screen somewhere for that, that'd be great! I also don't like the white outline around everything:( Everything is suppose to be colorful, and the white around everything just brings that down, ESPECIALLY on the goomies. I was just picturing everything without the white outline, and it would look so much better, I'd love to see that for this game! So basically, just keep working on it!

ShimoneShimone responds:

Thank you for your suggestions!
I will try to improve this game with future updates. I have added an in-game help/tutorial before the first level that should explain better the controls, the goals and the power ups.

This is quite interesting I'll give it that. The characters called Goomys I must say are quite adorable. The worlds that they're in is also adorable, however it lacks any real depth since each area is nothing more than a pallet swap. The power ups I'm not sure what they are or what they do. Some more clarification would be nice, like perhaps a tutorial level or something in the menu to describe the power ups. There really is no story, just a bunch of Goomys going to the Rainbow Land. Why? I don't know because you didn't tell me. The music is okay, it is bouncy and cute, I think you had some missed opportunities though. The sound effects are nice and fit well. The controls are really tight and responsive which I liked, however the gameplay got dull after a while. When I was going through the 2nd level I just got bored with this game. You have aesthetics down pat, there just needs to be more game here.

|| Cheers ||
*Great Artwork
*Great Animation
*Good Music
*Great Sound
*Superb Controls
*Okay Gameplay

|| Jeers ||
*Bad Story - Implied A Story (Had None)

ShimoneShimone responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
I am currently working on a help/tutorial that will also explains what the power ups do. I hope to finish it as soon as possible. I wish I could create a story (and that was the original planning) but I have a deadline (March 28th) and I am the only person who is working on this game, so unfortunately there was no time to create a story...

EDIT: Game updated with in-game help/tutorial!