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Reviews for "Realistic Boxing Simulato"

to hard

colburt187 responds:

its not to hard, its too realistic. Reality in your face brah, can you deal with it?

I like the idea of earning more money for losing. You should add a power ability, that allows you to hit harder. I had to fight the last guy six times before I defeated him. Scoring a KO is very random. The medals work, and I earned them all.

colburt187 responds:

Thanks for playing, I am working on an update that allows you to improve speed and power. The KO is very random, infact its completely random, you can win or lose by KO at any stage, thats Boxing though!

Wow, you still get Money if you Lose. I should Probably earn the Journey Man Medal First. Anyways the K.Os r Very Random. The Last Guy was needed at Least 6+ K.Os Before Defeating Him. Da Medals r Easy.

colburt187 responds:

of course you get money if you lose, thats how journeymen boxers live, some of them have never won a fight. The KOs are very random, observation medal unlocked.

Sorry, but this game doesn't do anything for me.
Name: Take out 'Realistic' and 'Simulator' from the title and it'll be a little more accurate. There's nothing realistic about this game. There are no variety of punches (more on that later), no training sessions (the these are the buttons tutorial doesn't count), and a trainer that doesn't do anything except for scolding you for winning are the tip of the iceberg here.
Upgrade System: Haven't gotten enough into the game to even be able to even afford an upgrade. You have the basic Stamina and Health increase options, which may both work. However, since this is a boxing sim., you would expect to have a speed or strength upgrade as well. Nope. Also, you have a food bill and trainer's fee which are mandatory to pay before every fight. You could just take those options away and lower the purse for winning. Also, I read that you get more for losing since your trainer always bets against you. That makes no sense whatsoever; why would that EVER be a good game mechanic?
Gameplay: The meat and potatoes of the game... and it's pretty bland. Your fighter knocks how to essentially move towards/ away from the opponent, circle strafe, a left punch, and a right punch. That's it. There are no combos, no variations of punches, no bobbing/ weaving, and no blocking. The strategy for each fight is the same: 1) go towards opponent, 2) throw a barrage of punches hoping that the opponent gets knocked down, 3) back away and regain stamina, 4) repeat from #1. You having a health bar while the opponent doesn't is also kind of weird. You know when you'll get knocked down, but you have no clue if/ when your opponent will. After each knock-down, you also get your health back... nice reward for the game, but not realistic at all.
Between rounds, you also get treated to a scorecard and an announcer critique (neither your trainer nor the announcer ever have anything nice to say about you). 1) The announcer's critiques hardly make sense and are pretty much always filled with grammatical or spelling errors. 2) The scorecard will pretty much always be 10-8 if you don't get knocked down (or 10-9 once for me). It doesn't matter how many times I knock an opponent down in a round or how many more punches I land, it will pretty much always be 10-8.

Overall opinion:
As a boxing game: meh. Nothing special
As a 'realistic boxing sim.': Absolutely horrible and completely unrealistic.

colburt187 responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed review, I agree with you on many points. This game is not your average boxing game, this is low level Journeyman boxing. There is a level of boxing often below what you see on TV or movies. There are boxers whose purpose of their career is to fight better fighters and get beat. That was the basis for this game. Your manager signed you up as an 'opponent' boxer, If you keep winning it makes it harder for him to get you fights, thats why you get paid less. This is a real thing that happens in professional boxing. For many boxers the highlight of their career is winning some obscure, lightly regarded belt, thats what the BBF sapphire belt is.

You can throw basic combinations, you can throw a 1-2, or a double jab right. you are in control if his hands so if you want to throw a combination then you press the buttons in the combination you want.

Its very hard to add hooks/uppercuts bobbing etc in a top down boxing game.

Your opponent doesn't have a health bar because of the REALISM, when your in the ring boxing a guy you can't see his health, you know how you feel but all you can read from your opponent his from his body language, So no health bar adds to the realism. After a knockdown you don't get all your health back and the potential to get knocked down again increases but I agree this is something I can improve.

LOL at the announcer guy, It is based on Scottish pundit Jim Watt, so he says things like Puncheees, and arum because he has a scottish accent. And he is a negative Bas#*rd so never anything positive to say, ever.

the scoring is pretty accurate, based on the 10 point must system currently in use in pro boxing, if you knock your opponent down it is a 10-8 round to you, if you land the more punches but no knockdowns its 10-9 to you. If both fighters go down then the fighter who landed the most punches wins 10-9. the only flaw is that if you knockdown an opponent twice it should be a 10-7 round but i couldn't program that. so the only scores possible without point deductions are 10-9 10-8 or 10-7, this game doesn't have the 10-7. So even if you land 100 punches and the other guy doesn't hit you once, if you don't knock him down it will be a 10-9 round.

I am working on a improvement to this game, it was made in a relatively short time span for the Stencyljam2014. I will be improving the upgrade system where you can improve speed, power. there are more fighters in the rankings and you DO get more money for winning.

Wow, I didn't know that in real life, boxing would only mean jabs, without any blocking. You just taught me that we could level up in real life, oh my gosh.

colburt187 responds:

man sometimes i wonder if you are even living in real life?