Reviews for "Realistic Boxing Simulato"

As a whole I like the game, but some little touch here and there would be nice...i know your goal is a minimalistic game, but it feels a bit too simple atm.

For example, I struggle to get the hang of landing punches, most of the time I feel i'm just trying my luck, is this also a prospect of realistic? If not maybe a brief explanation in the intro?

Also, I'd argue for a different sfx or HUD indicating critical hit, otherwise I don't see why I can suddenly lose all my health by a normal punch.
And maybe the sportscaster can refer the boxer by name, not just "He's getting too much shots". He seems to always say that when someone took a good beating, whether it's you or your opponent.

You can see the "unrealistic" BOXING by gamedesign for reference, it's also simple, fun and feels polished.

Lastly, i noticed this bug that if you pay your food bill, press the red "Back", then "Continue your career", you have to pay the bill again.

colburt187 responds:

Thanks for the feedback,
My goal was minimalist but also because its my only option, I'm terrible at art, Id love to use pixel graphics but this is a free game so i can't afford to pay and artist to do the art for me.

The punches shouldn't just be luck, so maybe i do need to adjust that. You should feel that if you throw a Jab or a Cross from the correct distance it lands clean, makes a sounds and snaps the opponents head back. The best way to box is at range and try to time the punch with the opponent walking on to it. Up close and button bashing doesnt work well, Not saying thats what you were doing.

Also if your stamina is 0 then you won't punch.

the flash KO is just something that happens, At any stage 1 clean punch can end the fight, in boxing and also in this game. I actually didn't want it to be a bar or anything, it should be a shock, no indication at all.

You are correct about the bug, i used the wrong sort of attribute for the food bill, local instead of global, Ill fix it in an update.

I had a look at BOXING by GD, very nice, wish i had art like that!

If it's a "realistic" boxing simulator, then WHY am I able to BUY stamina and an "improved chin"? And as YeOldeGamer said. Gosh, I didn't know I could level up in real life, ha ha. SAY, do you suppose in real life I have a "hit point" counter / life bar as well? How many hit points do I lose from a papercut? How many hit points do I lose from kidney failure, or liver cancer?

colburt187 responds:

well the bar is supposed to represent how you would feel, if you were boxing you would feel how tired you are, I've not quite workout to the programming to actually increase you heart rate in real life yet. You can level up in real life, you go to the gym, you train, you improve your stamina, you level up. Im starting to wonder if you even know what reality is. P.S the title is ironic. I strongly suggest you don't play Justin Smiths Realistic Summer Sports Simulator or you may end up writing him a letter to tell him Finladi Arabia is not a real country.

not so good just because it gets boring really quick

I like the idea of earning more money for losing. You should add a power ability, that allows you to hit harder. I had to fight the last guy six times before I defeated him. Scoring a KO is very random. The medals work, and I earned them all.

colburt187 responds:

Thanks for playing, I am working on an update that allows you to improve speed and power. The KO is very random, infact its completely random, you can win or lose by KO at any stage, thats Boxing though!

Wow, you still get Money if you Lose. I should Probably earn the Journey Man Medal First. Anyways the K.Os r Very Random. The Last Guy was needed at Least 6+ K.Os Before Defeating Him. Da Medals r Easy.

colburt187 responds:

of course you get money if you lose, thats how journeymen boxers live, some of them have never won a fight. The KOs are very random, observation medal unlocked.