Reviews for "Realistic Boxing Simulato"

I actually really like this game (My inner masochist is showing, but whatever)

The only thing I would change is the lack of count outs and TKOs. Maybe make the fights shorter by decreasing the starting health and stamina.

Besides that, if I was the developer and not you, I'd make this women's boxing instead, but again, that's the inner masochist coming out.

Anyways, all that aside, I like the game a lot. It's not realistic or a simulator, but it's good.

Love Those Fapping Noises :3

This game inspired me to create an account on Newgrounds. It is by far one of my favorite games not only on this website, but across the Internet. As a fan of boxing, I love the way this game allows you to try out different tactics on several different opponents. I can only hope that Colburt187 continues updating this game and making it even cooler because I am a F-A-N.

Really a good game...
I rarely saw an interface like this before and I got to say I like it!

But like Zortharg said there are some hics. I sugest getting a way to do a quick dodge maybe with double tap if its not in there already. And for upgrades. (Change it to buy session for) Re-use the script for the sand bag at start and place a timer at the end the number of damage will give out a stat that will go increase in the aspect that was trained.

So like stamina + sand bag
And like the dude from arena re- use that and the dude dodges hits this will be life (as in defence)

With those 2 things if you just re-use and revamp it a little it should take first place easy in my opinion. Again HUGE POTENTIAL HERE! keep up the good work.

Ho and graphics are passable. The only image I don't like in it is Terrence XD

Ps: If you want you could also add a secret option in the game. (underground fighting, if you lose you lose cash but win and bet on you and win lots for the next big fight ;) Again you can just take the program already in there for that to and it had a little trick to help out and enjoyable find! (Hidden because its illegal to my knowledge and I think many will agree with that idea...)

Im not gonna lie, for a boxing game is pretty good. I didnt pay too much atention on the scores in that kind of games.