Reviews for "Realistic Boxing Simulato"

Really enjoyable game. Just finished it for the 3rd time with a record of 8 fights 7 wins 3 kos and 1 loss. Loss a decision against Lynch.

colburt187 responds:

Thats a solid record! Lynch is a relentless animal. Don't think I've ever won the belt with only 1 loss. Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment.

Love Those Fapping Noises :3

I though this was a great game. I mean it does have it's hics. But it lives up to it's purpose. Honestly one of the most realistic boxing Flash games I've ever played. Great job! Keep up the good work.

colburt187 responds:

Thanks, i keep planning to update it, maybe one day.

Really a good game...
I rarely saw an interface like this before and I got to say I like it!

But like Zortharg said there are some hics. I sugest getting a way to do a quick dodge maybe with double tap if its not in there already. And for upgrades. (Change it to buy session for) Re-use the script for the sand bag at start and place a timer at the end the number of damage will give out a stat that will go increase in the aspect that was trained.

So like stamina + sand bag
And like the dude from arena re- use that and the dude dodges hits this will be life (as in defence)

With those 2 things if you just re-use and revamp it a little it should take first place easy in my opinion. Again HUGE POTENTIAL HERE! keep up the good work.

Ho and graphics are passable. The only image I don't like in it is Terrence XD

Ps: If you want you could also add a secret option in the game. (underground fighting, if you lose you lose cash but win and bet on you and win lots for the next big fight ;) Again you can just take the program already in there for that to and it had a little trick to help out and enjoyable find! (Hidden because its illegal to my knowledge and I think many will agree with that idea...)

If it's a "realistic" boxing simulator, then WHY am I able to BUY stamina and an "improved chin"? And as YeOldeGamer said. Gosh, I didn't know I could level up in real life, ha ha. SAY, do you suppose in real life I have a "hit point" counter / life bar as well? How many hit points do I lose from a papercut? How many hit points do I lose from kidney failure, or liver cancer?

colburt187 responds:

well the bar is supposed to represent how you would feel, if you were boxing you would feel how tired you are, I've not quite workout to the programming to actually increase you heart rate in real life yet. You can level up in real life, you go to the gym, you train, you improve your stamina, you level up. Im starting to wonder if you even know what reality is. P.S the title is ironic. I strongly suggest you don't play Justin Smiths Realistic Summer Sports Simulator or you may end up writing him a letter to tell him Finladi Arabia is not a real country.