Reviews for "Realistic Boxing Simulato"

At first i was having alot of trouble but playing more and more you sort of start understanding the game, what i do is i stand still let him approach me when hes close turn away and throw 3 jabs to his face let him approach you again and do this over and over you can also step in 3 strikes step out. this is how you will defeat lynch. also when your low on HP your opponent probably is too i was red fighting lynch but i just went in and throwed all i have making it a flip a coin round but he dropped hehe. The game is fun, Thanks. It would be cool if you made the game more advanced though. maybe adding punching power, displaying opponents HP/ST and making it so that winning gives more than losing and let the difference not be so big because if you win everything you hardly get a chance to upgrade something. making you lose even if you became skilled at a game. We all want to be like floyd may jr.
Thanks 5 stars!

Very sloppy mechanics.

Not much strategy involved. Just move forward and barrage your opponent and step back, and hope he doesn't knock you down first.

The art's ugly. And your trainer/manager and the announcer are both unlikeable sods.

No variation at all.

I assume you're taking the piss with this shoddy excuse of a game, am I right?

It amused me for about 5 minutes, so I guess it deserves half a star.

not so good just because it gets boring really quick

I made it whin 7-0-1 and 4 kos. good game

This game inspired me to create an account on Newgrounds. It is by far one of my favorite games not only on this website, but across the Internet. As a fan of boxing, I love the way this game allows you to try out different tactics on several different opponents. I can only hope that Colburt187 continues updating this game and making it even cooler because I am a F-A-N.