Reviews for "Realistic Boxing Simulato"

I dine and dash every fight. Never pay for food. Ain't nothin but a G thang. Love the game

Excellent. I like this game a lot, and it's very good. Wonderful game for hours of entertainment. 5/5 stars.

It's basic, but fun enough for what it is. I like it very much, hoping for a sequel.

Realistic boxing my ass. This is what it is, just a picture moves around, does two other simple animations, and then done. Doesn't require much skill, poorly drawn. Actually make the models have a walking sequence, add more moves like right hook and left hook, and the blood more realistic, and ALOT more and I might play this again.

colburt187 responds:

yes sir, ill get on that right away sir, sorry for the inconvenience caused, Ill send you a message via carrier pigeon once the changes have been made.

if you carry on like this son you're going to make it very hard for me to get you fight. Current Record 7-0-0 7kos