Reviews for "Colony Defenders TD2"

good game!

A narration instead of a minor story you've to read yourself. Nice addition. Graphics are great, weaponry too, and the story isn't really new, but you gave it a refreshing twist. Starcraft references everywhere, which is funny, but actually well fitting in the atmosphere of this game. Not sure if you just based this off some custom game mod from Starcraft 2. Well either way it's a solid game, and I love TD games.

This TS is quite good, but there is a little glitch: if resistance is higher than damage, the swarm get healed (and can go higher than basic health).
I think that's it:

This is anyoning with upgraded rocket launcher, wich deal 4 little damage, so 4 heal on strongest swarm. 1123 HP Seeker isn't fun...
You lust fix it :/

Whatever it's an amazing game.

Great game, rapidly click the rush button for infinite fundages $5 at a time.

nice alien massacre strategy game :D even tho its kingdom rush inspired its made well with the addition of medals that donĀ“t require to play on hardest diff. just great