Reviews for "Colony Defenders TD2"

A narration instead of a minor story you've to read yourself. Nice addition. Graphics are great, weaponry too, and the story isn't really new, but you gave it a refreshing twist. Starcraft references everywhere, which is funny, but actually well fitting in the atmosphere of this game. Not sure if you just based this off some custom game mod from Starcraft 2. Well either way it's a solid game, and I love TD games.

good game!

This is a pretty fun strategy / defense game, and the audio / visuals are top notch!
It almost looks like I'm playing Star Craft or C&C. Well done!
As stated by coocoochicken though, there isn't much wiggle room for error if you don't build the correct turrets for specific monsters, which makes the game seem a bit linear.
Other than that though, I enjoy this game quite a bit.
Keep up the good work!

Fun but after a while it got a litle repetitive.

Since you have to really pay attention to the type of tower the monster's are weak against it doesn't leave much room to try different things without failing.

Ok game. I'm having an issue playing this game, as i can't get past the first mission due to the glitch were i keep getting sent back to the mission map. I can hear the battle ensuing in the background but cannot do anything to get back to the fight. Gave it a 3 for this aspect. Over all a solid 4 4.5 game.

qigames responds:

Glitch has been fixed. Sorry about that!