Reviews for "Colony Defenders TD2"

One of the most frustrating Tower Defense Games I have ever played.

Definitely fun and solid, it addictive yet challenging.
The storyline and concept itself was good, though im not sure if its original or not.
Yet even if some people it was way too much copying Star Craft, I still think its a good game.

the hardest tower defense i ever played

Not a bad game. Actually makes a good push for turret strategy. Would have liked to see more levels and a more complex upgrade system where you can spread your points over all turrets.

I seem to have a small glitch where I did not get Victory but I got Annihilation for medals on NG. Tried replaying the levels but didn't fix the problem.

A: 7 V: 8

2 stars only for work on develop, but you fucked the game copying so much starcraft features, names, creatures, medals...