Reviews for "Colony Defenders TD2"

liked the game. seems like there should be more. maybe when you make the next one you can double the levels?

also thanks for adding medals.

It's so funny that people are comparing this to StarCraft. Is it because of the minerals? Are you serious? Also, this game is very challenging, and that's what makes it great. You truly need to pay attention to the creatures strengths and weaknesses to have a chance at winning without them touching your Command Center. Tower placement is also very crucial ( duh ) but in this more so than any TD game I've ever played.

Amazing game. The best TD I have played in awhile. The music is great, not at all repetitive, even though it loops. The graphics are even better. Well done sir. Well done.

To everyone who who said this is hard, you just have to use strategy. If it's weak to frost cannon, use a frost cannon, if it's weak to heat missiles, use heat missiles. It's not that complicated. However, it's all about the placement. you have to put towers where they are needed, not half way across the map.

This TS is quite good, but there is a little glitch: if resistance is higher than damage, the swarm get healed (and can go higher than basic health).
I think that's it:

This is anyoning with upgraded rocket launcher, wich deal 4 little damage, so 4 heal on strongest swarm. 1123 HP Seeker isn't fun...
You lust fix it :/

Whatever it's an amazing game.

Lags on laptop and lags on smartphone. Sorry, but requirements can have game like this? I guess 128MB of graphic memory is max. Too bad its poorly programed because it looks promising.