Reviews for "Explopool"

creative game, it s cool, and addictive!
also the game idea, and general gameplay is very original, and quite easy-to-play.
good game, man! congrats...
keep it up, and do more stuff like this!

jliias responds:

Thanks for your encouraging words! We have started our game development activities about half an year ago, and this is the very first game that we dared to upload to newgrounds.

New projects are under work, so be tuned! :)

this game is great fun :)

It's a cool game. Figuring the multiple angles gets complicated .. at first you think oh it's just kind of random but no! Yeah it might look a little better but the game play is great.. it's a time slayer

Great idea for game, fun to play. It feels like balls movement is too fast after explosion.

jliias responds:

Thanks for review! Yes, balls movement seem to be bit too fast also for me and some finetuning would be required here and there. But game is pretty old and I probably won't do updates anymore.

However, I've been planning new version of Explopool for mobile devices for a long time. So far all I've got are few unpublished versions, but maybe some day....

It seemed like it was a really fun game at first, but then I noticed you kept running out of bombs. Well, it will still motivate me to work harder! I actually have in fact played pool in real life and I wasn't too bad at it. I like the idea of using bombs. The graphics probably could be better. It reminds me of that Billiards game where the balls themselves are bombs.

I think this was actually more enjoyable than that. For one, I'm better at it. It's hard to find a game with medals that I hadn't played on the Top 50. Well, you learn something new every day. The sounds were quite good.