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Reviews for "Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil"

Controls are bad, and it defeats the purpouse, game is ass because of bad controls and it calls you stupid even if it wasn't your fault. It is a bad and insulting game. half a star for trying.

Controls are absolute garbage. The music is also on a repetitive loop and it is just plain awful.

Sound & music used are annoying, though at least if I'm loading multiple flash games I'd know which one is gonna be playing music in the background when the voice comes out.

Gameplay-wise, the controls were slippery and unrefined. Not sure if trolling or serious when you claim it to be an IQ test; while it is possible to guess the obstacles by simply being skeptical of the rewards, at the end of the day its no different from deliberately unfair platformer games in that its a game of memorization and testing your ability to handle the controls.

Straight up annoying/insulting, neither humorous nor fun.

Alright, I played through this GOD-AWFUL game and hated every second of it, but that's not what I'm here for. To everyone confused by the jumping puzzle: The counter goes from 9 to 11. It skips ten. You have to jump until the counter hits 24, or count yourself to 23. Once you've hit 24 (which is actually 23) you touch the flag and move on. (I swear, I created an account after playing this "game" to post this bit of walkthrough. I hope you're all happy, making me sit through this.) And for the creator: Next time you make a platforming game, don't put so much... glide into it. There's a difference between momentum and floating, and this is floating. The puzzles are... fine, I guess, but the controls kill it. If you want to make another game like this one, try playing "The Unfair Platformer" first. Then emulate that. Good game: Created.

Jesus, fix the controls man.