Reviews for "Good Lessons With Grace"


Ha ha, awesome short

How did I know that was coming?

Heh, so the moral of the story is: be nice to stuffed animals or they'll massivle massacre you? Nice idea, and with the kind and colorful animation I wasn't expecting the twist. Nice mixture of gritty textures and flashy effects, keep it going!


Mckodem responds:

Thank you. I was going for a kid's show style, like dora the explorer, so I'm glad that came across.

Solid animation, really good choice in music, and I like your art style. It's a short piece with little room for improvement, but only because so much of it was done correctly. Honestly, by biggest issue with it would be a the end. When the camera is panning up over Grace's head, it seems to zoom out before zooming in on the bear, and it's rather jarring.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever seen Elfen Lied?

Mckodem responds:

Cheers dude. I've heard of the anime's ending but that's it.

Yeah that zooming out was supposed to show the change of focus of the camera, trying to give an illusion of 3d space. Which obviously didn't work :)