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Reviews for "Sonic RPG Eps 9"

this is just awesome

I give zero fucks about it's similarity to dragonball, I loved it, and I love sonic, so this only makes it better lol. I love this entire series with just about every particle of me

MidNightMaren responds:

Ok, I don't understand all the bullshit with DBZ. I mean, every fighting game/movie is bound to have DBZ inspiration, even if the author does not want to.
God, I haven't played a RPG or fighting game where damn energy balls, aura power up's or shining beams are not present in the very least!
We tried to keep the DBZ influence to the minimum, we didn't even use those sound effects that are so overused! When animating, we tried to make the attack patterns paced and visible enough, so it wouldn't give the DBZ feeling of "BANG BANG, *characters disappear, shockwaves in thin air explode here and there*, *characters appear again* BOOM! energy beam struggle"!! We tried to keep this as original as possible. However, you make a character attack fast, or using energy balls and everyone starts bitching about DBZ all over again!
But oh well, what can I say

MidnightMaren thank you for this and the movie I have been waiting for two years for the movie and games thank you very much.

after so many years,it's finnaly relased!But i dont know what are the characters sayng because i'm brazilian...add subtitles if possible(never stop making sonic rpg games,they are very good!).

I Want To Use Silver Sonic!!!