Reviews for "Sonic RPG Eps 9"

Had been waiting for part 9 for 7 years and now it is finally here. I like the new animation approach, though i m still stuck in the old days. The keyboard mechanism for RPG battles is a bit weird and it will take me some time to get used to it (not speaking for anyone else, this is my personal opinion). The attacks seem a little bit laggy compared to rpg eps 8. But I love how the story turns out.

That was AMAZING! Though I don't like having to use keys to fight and I prefer the RPG mechanics,I still loved it! The story of what happened to Sonic after the fight in episode 8,to the part of where Seelkadoom thought he had taken down Shadow but Sonic got back up and went into Hyper Form. Now THAT is how a twist should happen! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

sonic has returned to action, and with a new form but it will be enough to defeat seelkadoom? see it next on Sonic RPG series. I make this idea because im fan of dragon ball z too...

this fucking sucks, why is there a blacksonic all of a sudden

I had this confused with Final Fantasy Sonic. How many Sonic RPGs are there here?! Anyway, I loved the sprite work. For some reason, my laptop was too slow. At least I could get through the first battle. The sounds were great too. Whoops, I reviewed the wrong submission.

Eh, I'd review this anyway. I look at anything with medals. I liked seeing these characters. Their voices were pretty suiting. You're all quite talented here.