Reviews for "Sonic RPG Eps 9"

It's an awesome game man! But, I'm thinking of making a Sonic series of my own, and I was wondering if you could tell me the Flash you used for this, and where you got the sprites from. If it isn't too much trouble.

splendid art+suberb battle system=the most epic game ever! only 4.5 stars bcoz we cant switch characters

Very good game! but i liked the old style more, you completely changed sonic rpg.... i konw it's your game and you can do whatever you want with it, but i would like the series to end in that old battle system, like eps 7 or 8, well.... i guess that's it, anyway, cool game, but i liked the eps 7 and 8 better
sorry if my english is bad, english its not my first language

What can I say? It's epic. The battle can practically go anyone's way, the option of selecting strategies is a great idea since the battle in constantly occurring which challenges player to think on their feet while fending off attacks. Speaking of which, if I may make a suggestion: could you make Seelkadoom (sorry if I butchered the name.) act sooner. I found it very easy to get the first strike in. I was kind of disappointed that you couldn't switch character either. But that didn't bother me that much. Aside form that I don't really have anything else to complain about. A great RPG game to play and I would recommend it to anyone.

Oh my god! so sicj, so awsome! its more like a normal action and strtegy game together, but this was alot more beter than I was thinking what I am goin to see, what I am going to play!!!!!!!!!!! hope you could make ep 10, and if you do I hope its gone be the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!