Reviews for "Sonic RPG Eps 9"

10/10 great game.

This game is my childhood! Before this episode was out i kept hoping and hoping it would come out. And yet it did. The game is awesome. The combat, tutorial, Everything about it!

For the strategy type I would recommend Normal because in Offense while it's Knuckles' strong suit, Nights would be very vulnerable. And I wouldn't go with defense because close combat is Knuckles' specialty. Just trust that your allies know what they're doing, teleport and get into Nights' Healing Field when necessary and since you can't heal on your own and you can't control when Nights heals, you shouldn't hesitate to use Chaos Nova when you can.

how do you actionscript movieclip when the video is finished and og to the start menu on flash

This game is great. Tales of the abyss music made it even better